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By Robert J Carpenter DDS
February 21, 2020
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With the many cosmetic dentistry options offered by Dr. Robert Carpenter in Sun Prairie, WI, you won't have to settle for an imperfect smile. Consider how you want to makeover your smile, and then, consult with Dr. Carpenter and his team. You'll be amazed at how your smile appearance can change for the better.

What's best for you?

Not all cosmetic dentistry procedures suit everyone's needs and goals. Consequently, you and Dr. Carpenter will discuss your smile aspirations right in his Sun Prairie, WI, office. Following a complete oral exam, you'll collaborate with Dr. Carpenter to carefully choose the treatments best for you.

When you think about your smile, consider these questions:

  • Are your teeth stained from tobacco or coffee?
  • Do you have small enamel defects that show right in the front of your mouth?
  • Are dark fillings prominent when you smile?
  • Are you missing teeth?

Together, you and your cosmetic dentist will prioritize your goals and begin treatment.

Offered cosmetic dentistry treatments

Composite resin bonding An additive aesthetic service, bonding reshapes small enamel defects with a shapeable mix of glass particles and durable acrylic.

Invisalign clear aligners A popular orthodontic choice for teens and adults, these acrylic appliances are removable and specifically designed to re-align teeth in more attractive, functional and healthy positions.

Professional teeth whitening Touted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) as the most popular cosmetic dentistry service, whitening (bleaching) uses hydrogen peroxide gel to power out stains from food and tobacco.

Porcelain veneers Ultra-thin pieces of high-quality ceramic, veneers bond to the front side of teeth which have small flaws, deep stains or weak or odd shape.

Tooth-colored fillings Made from composite resin, porcelain or other modern materials, these restorations are aesthetically-pleasing, resilient and long-lasting.

Have that just-right smile

With Dr. Robert Carpenter and his team, you'll enjoy the finest cosmetic dentistry services in the Sun Prairie, WI, area. To make your dream look a reality, call the office today to arrange a consultation: (608) 837-5527.